Players can download a browser add-on toolbar from Bigpoint, the company which produces ZooMumba. The toolbar serves several functions for ZooMumba players:

  • Players can see when animals require care by clicking "Collect Bonus" and can link directly to their zoo.
  • Players are notified of any special events ZooMumba is hosting, and can receive messages.
  • Players receive a daily log-in experience bonus for logging in through the toolbar.

The toolbar also provides similar benefits BigPoint's Farmerama game. Additionally, the toolbar features a search box, and can be personalized to include local weather, facebook, and e-mail inbox information, among other things.


Currently, the toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. It has been said that Google Chrome will be supported soon.

First Log-In RewardEdit

When a player logs in for the first time through the toolbar, the Special Edition Balloon Stand is given as a reward. It is the same design as the Balloon Stand with a different color scheme, but generates more PP over the same duration. This is the only way to acquire this building.

Daily Log-In BonusEdit

Players who log-in via the toolbar receive bonus experience daily:

  • Levels 1 to 5 = 500 xp
  • Levels 6 to 10 = 1,500 xp
  • Levels 11 to 15 = 5,000 xp
  • Levels 16 to 20 = 10,000 xp
  • Levels 21 to 25 = 20,000 xp
  • Levels 26 to 30 = 35,000 xp
  • Levels 31+ = 70,000 xp