The birthday event began on August 17th, 2011 and finished on August 31, 2011, although prizes could be claimed as late as September 1st. This event celebrated the 1 year anniversary of ZooMumba's release. The event consisted of collecting balloons to redeem for prizes, as well as collecting the temporary birthday cake collection. A video was released by ZooMumba staff in tandem with the event. In the video, the staff thank players for making the game a success, celebrate the anniversary, and give a summary of the birthday event.



Birthday Event Widget

During the event, when performing any upkeep actions (feeding, watering, etc.) there was a chance of earning birthday balloons. Balloons had an equal chance of dropping from every habitat, animal species, and for every player, regardless of level. A small on-screen collapsible widget shaped like a piñata kept track of the balloons and birthday cakes players earned.

Balloons appeared infrequently at the beginning of the event. As the event continued, the chances of balloons dropping increased, so that the number of balloons accrued on the last day was about equal with the number of balloons gained in the first week.


Birthday Band

Players could redeem balloons for various prizes. During the event, animal musicians performed on a stage in the parking lot. This is where players turned in balloons for prizes, which were as follows:
  • +50% Pawprint Booster (90 Balloons)
  • Birthday Balloon (175 Balloons)
  • Male or Female Bigfoot (300 Balloons)
  • Anniversary Habitat (550 Balloons)

Birthday Cake CollectionEdit


Birthday Cake

Like any other collection in the scrapbook, after collecting one of each item, the player has a choice of two rewards. One of the choices in this case was a birthday cake. This item was not a decoration. It functioned as a consumable habitat upgrade which could be applied to one habitat of the player's choice. The chosen habitat gained a 125% experience bonus, increased chances of producing balloons, and became decorated with party decor such as balloons and presents. Habitats upgraded in this way could not be moved to the Zoo Depot. These changes lasted for the duration of the event.

Reward: 5000 xp or a Birthday Cake

* Yummy! What's a birthday without cake?
BirthdayA Eye-candy

The visitors could hardly believe their eyes, as eyes suddenly started pouring out of the habitats. Good thing Sam got there quickly and cleaned things up. The poor visitors felt like they were being eyed!

BirthdayB 9 Million Pieces
At the end of the first year, ZooMumba has almost 10 million zoo directors!
BirthdayC A Piece of Cake
12 months and over 65 different animals ... have you got them all in your zoo?
BirthdayD Sweet Tooth
Once, Zoomumba animals lived off of gummy bears and gum drops. They were pretty happy when they got to have real feed!
BirthdayE One Year
The story of Zoomumba started in August of 2010. Time flies!
  • Although this event has finished, the birthday collection remains in the scrapbook. It was stated on the ZooMumba forums that it would be possible to use the items of this collection in future developments.

Bonus: Events of the Past YearEdit

For the duration of the event, to celebrate the first year of ZooMumba, all previous holiday event animals, decorations, and habitats were made available in the zoo shop for PP and ZD.