Assistants can be hired to complete tasks in a player's zoo. These tasks include caring for animals, collecting pet pennies, and picking up the trash accumulated around the zoo. Players can purchase assistants for varying amounts of time with zoo dollars from the Zoo Shop. Regular assistants can be purchased for one day, one week, or one month. Buying in bulk gives a discount.

Once hired, assistants can be invoked via the main menu. A hired assistant performs one specific type of task, such as supplying water, or supplying feed. When clicked on, an assistant completes all possible tasks of that type. This saves the time and energy a player would have spent clicking to do these tasks manually. Clicking once on Jim, the feeder assistant, feeds every habitat in a player's zoo, for example. If a resource runs out before all the tasks are satisfied, the assistant will automatically purchase enough of that resource to finish the job, provided that the player has enough currency available.

This is the current list of regular assistants in the game, mostly with self explanatory names:

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