Habitats are four-tile structures which house animals for display in a player's zoo. Each habitat can house between two to six adult animals (depending on species size) and one baby animal for every male-female pair present. Any species may be placed in any habitat, but only animals of the same species may be placed in the same habitat with each other.

Upgrade CostsEdit

Habitats may be upgraded by spending both pawprints and pet pennies. There are five different upgrade levels. Upgrades enhance the appearance of the habitat and increase the percentage of bonus experience earned. All habitats can be upgraded to a maximum of 120% experience, but some require fewer upgrades to reach this level.

  • Level 1 Habitats cost 100 pet pennies. They start out earning the baseline 100% experience, and can be upgraded four times.
  • Level 3 Habitats cost 30 zoo dollars. They start out earning 110% experience and can be upgraded twice.
Upgrade Costs and Bonus XP Modifiers
Level Paw PP Xp
1 - - 100%
2 50 200 105%
3 500 1,000 110%
4 5,000 5,000 115%
5 15,000 25,000 120%

Synergy BonusesEdit

Experience Bonus XPBonusEdit

When the combination of animal and habitat closely matches what is found in nature, an additional bonus modifier of +10% is applied to experience earned by animals in that habitat.

Attractiveness Bonus AttBonusEdit

When the combination of animal and habitat is so far from what is found in nature that it seems silly, a +10% attractiveness bonus is applied to the animals in that habitat.

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