What better hiding place than between the nooks and crannies of this rocky landscape; larger animals can seek out larger crevices to get some peace and quiet.


Reward: 3,000 Xp or 1 Fossil.

Description: Water and vegetation are rarely abundant on rocky landscapes. Rocks however can heat up and retain this warmth. Something which cold-blooded animals, such as lizards or snakes, just can't get enough of!

CliffsA Rocks: Large rocky landscapes inspire the imagination over and over again: How did these rocks get here? Usually by erosion or glacial movement, but sometimes it's the stuff of legends and sagas.
CliffsB Ice-Pick: Cliffs or steep, rocky slopes are popular climbing landscapes for adventure-seekers.
CliffsC Stone Sculpture: A skillful sculptor can carve the most beatiful artworks out of large boulders.
CliffsD Bird's Nest: Jagged rocks and rough terrain provide good protection and are therefore a safe place for many species of birds to onest.
CliffsE Stonehenge: Stonehenge is one of the earliest examples of a stone construction. There are many mysteries, legends and stories surrounding the ring of standing stones.