Cursor Tools

Cursor tools are found under the first icon on the Main Menu. They help you organize and take care of your zoo.

Select ToolEdit

Cursor Select

The select tool is the default cursor. It allows the player to perform basic actions such as feeding animals, collecting pet pennies, and generally anything that requires a click.

Move ToolEdit

Cursor Move

The move tool allows the player to move habitats, buildings, and decorations to different tiles within their zoo. Habitats containing animals may be moved, but not if the animals are sick or breeding. Paths cannot be moved. To move items between the Main Zoo and the Secret Zoo, the Store Tool must be used.

Rotate ToolEdit

Cursor Rotate

The rotate tool does not actually perform a rotation, but allows the player to horizontally flip the appearance of habitats, decorations, and buildings. Because this is the case, there are only two possible appearances. For the most part, because most items are square, the change is cosmetic, and may help players better consolidate visually obstructing items. In the case of an item which is 2x1 tiles, however, rotating it will cause it to become 1x2, which can make a difference when organizing a zoo.

Sell ToolEdit

Cursor Sell

The sell tool allows the player to sell items currently on display in the zoo, including habitats, buildings, decorations, and paths. All items clicked on with this tool, with the exception of paths, will display a confirmation prompt, which ensures the player actually wants to sell the item they've chosen. This prompt displays the amount of pet pennies the item will bring if sold. The icon for this tool is also displayed for each item in the Zoo Depot, allowing players to sell items which are in storage as well.

Store ToolEdit

Cursor Store

The store tool allows the player to store items such as habitats, buildings, decorations, special items and trash cans in their Zoo Depot. Currently, if a player stores a habitat in this way, all animals contained within the habitat will also be stored. It is not possible to store individual animals from a habitat. Paths cannot be stored.