The desert easily heats up during the day and quickly cools off at night. Harsh conditions that not every animal can withstand.



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Desert CollectionEdit

Reward: 3,000 Xp or 1 Desert cactus

  • Animals, such as lizards, snakes and spiders, who've mastered the art of living feel at home in the extremely hostile environment of the desert. However, gerbils, desert foxes and wild camels have also found a way to perfectly adapt.
DesertA Desert: Scorching heat, changing mirages and far-off oases: The desert has always served as a source of inspiration, and not only for 1,001 nights!
DesertB Dunes: There are many different types of dunes, such as shifting sand dunes. The longest sand dune is the Abu Muharek which stretches approximatelly 600 kilometers in length.
DesertC Watering Can: Rain showers are rare in the desert. But when it does rain, then it really pours down in buckets!
DesertD Pie Chart: Deserts are rare phenomena? You think! All deserts combined cover about one-fifth of the earth's total land surface.
DesertE Cactus: Thanks to their ability to retain water, cacti can survive very long periods of drought.