The event took place from April 21st, 2011 to April 27th, 2011. During this time, players were given one Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny hid Easter eggs throughout the zoo. Players could collect the eggs in their zoos to upgrade habitats, or to obtain special easter items. The Easter Habitat and the Easter Bunny (a new species and a different Easter Bunny than the egg-hiding assistant) were introduced during this event.

The Easter Egg HuntEdit

Players were given one egg-distributing easter bunny for the duration of the event. Players could purchase as many as five additional easter bunnies for 9 ZD each. These extra Easter Bunnies lasted for 24 hours, distributing additional eggs around the zoo. Having more Easter Bunnies active in the zoo generated more eggs for collection.

An assistant, Emily the Eggspert, was introduced for the event. Players who hired Emily could count on her to collect all the Easter Eggs hidden in their zoos with one click.

For the price of 10 easter eggs, players could temporarily upgrade any animal habitat. The upgrade decorated the habitat for Easter and provided a +50% experience bonus for the duration of the event. Storing the upgraded habitat in the Zoo Depot removed the upgrade. Additionally, players could turn in easter eggs for various prizes. The easter bunnies offered as a prize were an animal species exclusive to the event. Prizes and the number of easter eggs required for each are listed below:

Prize Eggs Required
Easter Bunny 25
Easter Habitat 125

Additional ChangesEdit

Daffodils, a decoration typically costing 2,500pp, was offered for 10pp in an effort to get players to decorate their zoos for Easter. These "Easter" Daffodils were equal in every way except for price and resale value. They could be resold for 1pp.

The Large Tree, Small Tree, and Acacia had their appearances changed with this event.