Ghost Caravan

The Ghost Caravan

The Halloween Event lasted from October 25th 2011 to November 1st 2011. A ghost caravan was featured in the parking lot during the event, where prizes were offered in exchange for baby bats. Players first had to unlock the prizes they desired to trade for by submitting "tricks" or "treats." All prizes could be achieved, but unlocking some of the prizes meant locking others, and all prizes were not accessible simultaneously. Among other prizes, the Ghost Cat and the Crypt Habitat were introduced with this event.

Tricks, Treats, and the Ghost CaravanEdit

The "ghost caravan" was an old-fashioned car, possibly a hearse, outfitted with a haunted house, which was parked in the parking lot. Inside the ghost caravan, players were greeted by Lucy, a girl who was willing to trade prizes in exchange for baby bats. Several prizes were laid out in a line, silhoue

Lucy and the Wandering Eyeball

tted and locked. An eyeball was perched above the prizes and began at the center of the line-up. When the eyeball's limited field of vision touched a prize, the prize was illuminated and unlocked for purchase. Players could shift the eyeball along the line to the right by submitting tricks or to the left by submitting treats.

Players acquired tricks and treats by performing normal habitat upkeep activities (feeding, grooming, etc.) and it was also possible to acquire tricks or treats by paying baby bats. While players could shift the eyeball's gaze as they pleased, it was most efficient to shift it all the way in one direction and then all the way in the opposite direction, collecting prizes along the way. This technique minimized doubling back. With this technique, it was possible to obtain all the prizes with 225 tricks and 450 treats, or vice versa, depending on which direction a player decided to move the eye first.

Items & PrizesEdit

These items were temporarily available via the Zoo Shop during the 2011 Halloween Season:

These prizes were available via the Ghost Caravan for the duration of the event:

Prize BB Required Tricks/Treats (From Center)
Witches Hut 1 0 Treats
Halloween Tree 1 0 Tricks
Witches' Cauldron 4 70 Treats
Pumpkin Juice Shop 4 70 Tricks
Ghost Cat 9 225 Treats
Crypt Habitat 16 225 Tricks

Halloween CollectionEdit