This icy world is just right for animals such as penguins and polar bears - it's truly a winter paradise. Brrr!

Easter EggEdit

Bats placed in the Ice Habitat have their tree covered in ice and become frozen bat-cicles!

Bats Ice


Reward: 3,000 Xp or 1 Block of Ice.

Description: Polar bears and penguins aren't the only animals who like cold climates. The arctic fox, for example, is also comfortable in sub-zero temperatures.

Ice: Icicles are formed when temperatures drop below zero. The sun's warmth or some other heat source causes ice and snow to melt.
Popsicles: It's a little known fact, but penguins love popsicles, and often try to steal them from tourists.
Ice Cubes: Ice cubes are the perfect way to cool down a warm drink and keep cool in summer.
Ice Skating: Historians believe that ice skating was invented about 4,000 years ago in Finland.
Igloo: The Inuit of the Arctic Regions live in igloos - the Inuit word for a house.