Green as far as the eye can see: The meadow is full of beautiful, lush grass. Every animal feels right at home here.



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Meadow CollectionEdit

Reward: 3,000 Xp or 30 Paw

  • A meadow is a field of grass or other non-woody plants such as clover and alfalfa.
MeadowA Wild Meadow: If transitional meadows are not regularly cleared or grazed, they become overgrown and soon go back to being forests.
MeadowB Flowers: In the spring, some meadows are covered in beautiful wildflowers. A tasty treat for the animals which live in them.
MeadowC Stump: Transitional meadows are temporary meadows made by cutting down trees to make way for grass to grow.
MeadowD Mushrooms: Meadow mushrooms are edible mushrooms which grow in North America.
MeadowE Gnome: Meadows are also inhabited by tiny gnomes who only go out at night. These shy and gentle creatures often share their home with rabbits.