Enjoy the beauty of a pristine snow-covered landscape. Animals with fur coats will feel right at home!



First Upgrade


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Fourth Upgrade

Snow CollectionEdit

Reward: 3,000 Xp or 1 Snowman reward

  • Many animals live in the snow, especially the ones with nice and thick fur.
SnowA Snow Habitat: Animals that live in the snow habitat often have soft white fur.
SnowB Snowmen: It's always better to build snowmen with sticky snow because powdery snow is too fluffy.
SnowC Sled: You can make a sled go even faster by rubbing wax on the underside.
SnowD Winter Hat: A small bell is hidden inside every winter hat to help attract birds for people to feed them.
SnowE Snowflake: If the temperature is just right, then ice crystals form big cotton-ball-sized snowflakes.