The swamp crawls with all kinds of creatures. Some like to roll around in the mud, others like to pick insects and worms out of the slimy mire. The best part of this habitat is that you'll receive even more experience than normal when you take care of your animals.



First Upgrade


Second Upgrade

Swamp CollectionEdit

Reward: 1x Sunken Temple or 1 Mud

  • A moist, stinky swamp is the perfect habitat for many animals.
SwampA Swamp Habitat: Different types of swamp plants only flourish on the nutrient-rich swamp floor.
SwampB Water Lily: Water lily seeds float on top of the water for two to three days before sinking to the bottom and taking root.
SwampC Glow Worm: There are over 2,000 types of glow worms worldwide. Most species use their signals to find each other.
SwampD Venus Flytrap: The Venus flytrap doesn't just eat flies. They also love chewing gum.
SwampE Weathered Canoe: Some believe that the canoe was first invented 6,000 years ago.