It's hard to believe, but some animals love the wasteland. Not everyone is made for lush nature!



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Wasteland CollectionEdit

Reward: 3,000 Xp or 1 Tendril

  • Wasteland are formed when nature is destroyed by such influences as salt, oil or the use of technologies. This makes life tough for animals living here, that's why the animals and plants support each other here.
WastelandA Wasteland: Contrary to our expectations, there are many types of animals crawling around the hostile environment of a wasteland. The land may not be fertile, but yet it provides a habitat to well-adapted animals.
WastelandB Will o' the Wisps: Will o' the wisps are only a few centimeters high and only flicker for a few brief seconds.
WastelandC Oil Pump: Thriving landscapes are all too often completely destroyed by modern technologies.
WastelandD Oil Can: All it takes is one drop of oil t ocontaminate 600 liters of water.
WastelandE Salzberg: Salinization may be a natural cause for the development of wastelands.