The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune (commonly abbreviated WOF) is a mini-game within Zoomumba which becomes available to players at level 3. It can be reached by clicking on the trailer located in the parking lot, or as an option when clicking on the Main Building . The wheel is divided into eight sections with a prize displayed in each section. A toucan perched at the center is spun. When he comes to rest, the prize indicated by his beak is won.


Players earn one free spin every 24 hours, provided that they have logged in at least once within that period. The free spin is considered a log-in bonus. In addition, it is possible to buy extra spins for 2 ZD each. If a player acquires a spin but chooses not to use it, it does not expire, but instead remains visible on a sidebar. If five spins accumulate, filling the sidebar to capacity, no more will be stored until those spins are used.

Probability of WinningEdit


Wheel of Fortune Trailer

Every spin wins a prize, but not all prizes are of equal value. Prizes which are more valuable, either because of price or because of scarceness, are won much less frequently than prizes which are less valuable or more common.

Although the eight wedges are equally sized, the chances of landing on a particular wedge are weighted, depending on it's color. There are four colors which cover two wedges each. In order from most frequent to least, the colors are: Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. More common, relatively less valuable prizes are found on green and blue wedges, while rare, more valuable prizes appear on red and yellow wedges. The yellow wedges have glinting edges and feature a decorative star pattern, implying that the prizes on these wedges are most desirable.

The chances of landing on green or blue wedges is roughly equal, about 38%, while landing on red is about 22% and landing on yellow less than 1%.

Possible PrizesEdit

Prizes available from the Wheel of Fortune include all types of Feed, and all habitat and animal types regularly available from the Zoo Shop, including habitats, animals, and feed available for zoo dollars. Additionally, any subspecies can be won. Special Event items, animals, and habitats which appear during holiday periods are not available. The exceptions to this are the Anniversary Event items: Bigfoot, the Birthday Balloon, and the Birthday Habitat are available from the wheel of fortune.


Original WOF

The Original Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune was originally a building players could place within their zoo. Due to players' limited zoo space, it was decided that the Wheel of Fortune would be moved to the parking lot. The game was updated with this change on July 5th, 2011.